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The world of energy has lost a remarkable man — remembering Vladimir Feigin

Vladimir Feigin

The Brussels Energy Club is very sad to learn of the passing away of the renowned Russian energy expert, Vladimir Feigin. His passing was reported in the Russian media on January 22, 2020, and announced on the website of the institute of Energy and Finance: https://fief.ru/en/, of which he was a long-term director. Amongst his numerous affiliations and countless areas of contribution to the world of energy, Vladimir Feign was the guest speaker for the second ever meeting of the Club back on July 4, 2012 https://brusselsenergyclub.org/events/id/meeting-july-4th-2012-russian-perspectives-on-the-changing-nature-of-the-european-gas-markets-003/. He helped to inspire, build and further elevate the Club via his support and presence as a Global Energy Associate https://brusselsenergyclub.org/events/id/meeting-july-4th-2012-russian-perspectives-on-the-changing-nature-of-the-european-gas-markets-003/, particularly during the first years of the Club"s operations. The Brussels Energy Club has been extremely fortunate to have had a person of his enormous stature in the world of energy amongst its supporters and friends. The Club, and in particular its founder, Dr Marat Terterov, would like to express the deepest of condolences to Vladimir Feigin"s family and all persons associated with this most extraordinary of human beings.

Vladimir Feigin was a truly remarkable man. His knowledge and understanding of the Russian and international energy sector were surpassed by very few. Feigin knew anything and everything about energy. He probably had more knowledge about energy than can be found on the internet. Trained in the Soviet schools of mathematics and physics, he was a rare talent who could combine and utilize knowledge of the technical side of energy with the soundest ability to translate this into a policy construction. He emerged as a shining star and bedrock of energy expertise in the years of Russia"s early post-Soviet era transition, as Moscow embarked upon its road of engagement of Europe in various forms of energy diplomacy and dialogue.

By the time the 1990s faded into the 2000s, Feigin"s presence was felt at virtually all of the major energy platforms which aimed to develop a constructive energy partnership between Russia and Europe. These included, amongst others, the EU-Russia energy dialogue, the EU-Russian Gas Advisory Council and the Energy Charter process. At times it seemed that no international conference on European and/or Russian energy subject matter could take place without Feigin"s presence and profound contribution. 

His unsurpassable talent and knowledge as an energy expert allowed him to become the most tenacious of interlocutors in view of his European counterparts, when it came to the Russian national interest. The fact that he was an internationalist did not prevent him from being a Russian patriot at the same time. Feigin also had an uncanny ability to run the parallel lives of an expert in the scientific world of energy — he was a long-term Director of the Institute of Energy and Finance in Moscow — as well as the eminent advisor/speech-writer for the policy and corporate worlds. He was respected and admired by some of the most evident heavyweights of modern-day Russian oil and gas, most notably Igor Sechin and Alexander Medvedev, for his precision in providing the soundest of energy policy advisories and strategic thinking.

That said, he was no less admired and respected by his esteemed European counterparts, particularly within the corridors of the European Institutions in Brussels, where his presence has left a lasting footprint on the present-day architecture of the EU-Russia energy relationship. Feigin engineered and personally over-saw multiple scenarios for European supply and demand of natural gas, helping to work towards a common road-map which both Europe and Russia could endorse together.

He was a major intellectual force and policy voice for post-Cold War East-West cooperation in the energy sphere, supporting initiatives like the WIEN group, not to mention the Brussels Energy Club. He turned 74 on January 10, and will be sorely missed. But as one of the "immortals" of the world of energy during the early years of the 21st Century, he will never be forgotten.

More information in Russian is available here.