"The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows"

Aristotle Onassis

Membership Applications

The Brussels Energy Club (BREC) was registered as a not-for-profit (ASBL) Association in Belgium in early 2012. BREC Articles of Association as an ASBL legal entity regulated by Belgian law may be accessed here:  http://www.ejustice.just.fgov.be/tsv/tsvf.htm (please insert "Brussels Energy Club" in the field marked "Denomination" and then click on "List" on the right side).

Brussels Energy Club is registered in the EU Transparency Register under the number  415510134292-31 and we are committed to its Code of Conduct. 

Since the commencement of its activity in June 2012, BREC has held regular highly successful interactive discussions with guest speakers coming from outside of Brussels. 

Activity in 2021 is currently ongoing. Full information on all BREC activity is available here: http://brusselsenergyclub.org/events/


As a young and rapidly growing Association, BREC is currently inviting applications for new membership from international energy companies and other relevant stakeholders. Visitors to this webpage are invited to consider the following:


Why you should become a member:

  • Gain genuine insights on pertinent energy policy matters in the energy producing countries of Russia and the former-Soviet Union, Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa, and Asia.
  • Obtain energy information sourced first hand from high level energy leaders from such countries
  • Start to understand what is "really going on" when it comes to energy policy in such countries  
  • Exchanges valuable ideas with senior energy experts from East and West, North and South
  • Discuss sensitive energy topics with peer group leaders in an exclusive, members only setting with no taboos
  • Join a rare and exclusive network of international energy experts linking Brussels to energy producing and transiting regions
  • Participate in follow up one-to-one meetings with relevant energy leaders
  • Set in a prestigious Brussels location with interactive discussions taking place in an informal evening atmosphere under the Chatham House rule
  • All invitations to BREC meetings are issued on a personal basis or through recommendations by existing members
  • Be part of Brussels" first gentleman"s club committed to supporting the ongoing work of  mature energy professionals in a dedicated and personalised manner 


Who should become a member (sample job titles):

  • CEOs and Managing Directors: energy companies
  • Vice presidents: energy companies
  • Director, government and EU affairs: energy companies
  • Director, business development: energy companies
  • Director, gas and oil marketing, energy companies
  • Head of Brussels representation: energy companies
  • Head of strategy/strategic development: energy companies and financial institutions
  • Head of corporate intelligence: energy companies and financial institutions
  • Head of political risks analysis: energy companies and financial institutions  
  • Director, investments: energy companies and financial institutions  
  • Senior advisor: energy companies and government
  • Secretary General: government and international government
  • Secretary General: industry associations
  • Senior advisor: industry associations and government
  • Energy counselor and senior counselor: government 
  • Principal energy administrator: government and international government
  • Senior policy officer: government and international government
  • Senior partner and partner, energy practice: law firms
  • Energy researchers and leading energy academics: think tanks and academic institutions  


Annual membership subscription for 2021 calendar year is:

  • €5,000 for international energy companies and corporate entities of similar legal status
  • €3,500 for industry associations and NGOs of similar status
  • €2,500 for EU bodies and diplomatic missions of G20/OECD member countries
  • €1,500 for diplomatic missions and permanent representations of other countries
  • €1,000 for think tanks and academic institutions
  • €500 for individual memberships
  • No charge for relevant information partners


The annual membership fee for 2021 provides access to all events organised by the Brussels Energy Club, speaker presentations and other BREC publications with no limitations. Memberships are allocated to individual persons usually supported by corporate entities. Members are allowed to delegate participation in BREC events to colleagues in the event that they are not able to participate in a particular event themselves

Please direct all membership enquiries to Nadezda Kokotovic in writing to Nadezda.Kokotovic@brusselsenergyclub.org.