"The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows"

Aristotle Onassis

Dr Bahadir Kaleagasi

Dr Bahadir Kaleagasi is a graduate of Brussels and Istanbul Universities. He worked as researcher and lecturer at the Center for International & Strategic Studies and the Institute of European Studies of the University of Brussels and was visiting academic to Harvard, Georgetown and Jerusalem Universities. His work covered the following main areas: theories of international relations, EU"s decision-making system, EU-US relations and the external economic relations of the EU. He was awarded the European Commission"s Jean Monnet Scholarship and NATO Research Fellowship for his academic accomplishments, took part in several EU projects and the European Commission"s Forward Studies Unit and served as European affairs counsellor to several public and private institutions. In 1996, he was appointed the permanent representative of TUSIAD (Turkish Industry & Business Association) to the European Union and BUSINESSEUROPE (Confederation of European Business) in Brussels. Since 2008 Dr Kaleagasi is the International Coordinator of TUSIAD which has offices in Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Washington DC and Beijing. He is also a scientific member at the University of Brussels, President of the Institut de Bosphore-Paris and a board member of TUSIAD International, the JCl-Europe and Forum Istanbul, Honorary Chairman of the Brussels Energy Club, founding president of the Turkish environmental protection organisation TEMA"s European branch.


Bahadir Kaleagasi has several scientific publications addressing key international and European subjects. He is also the co-author of the books entitled "Towards a New Europe" (PUB, 1993), "Les Défis de l"Elargissement de l"Union européenne" (PUB, 1994) and "La Turquie en Mouvement" (Ed. Complex, Paris, 1995), "La République laïque turque" (Ed. Complexe, Paris, 2003), author of "From Single Market to Monetary Union" (IKV, Istanbul, 1995), "The Roadmap to Europe" (Dünya-Istanbul, 2003), "European Galaxy and the Turkish Star" (DK-Istanbul, 2007), "Future of Europe, Questions of the Youth" (Boyut-Istanbul, 2010), "Planet G20" (DK-Istanbul, 2011) and is a regular commentator for the Turkish daily Radikal, the monthly economic review Finans Dünyası and several web-sites. He regularly contributes as speaker to international conferences, executive and academic seminars, television and radio programmes and professional training courses and acts as an adviser for international business communication and development projects.