"The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows"

Aristotle Onassis

Dr Claus Bergschneider

Dr. Claus Bergschneider is an energy economist by education. Before joining the energy industry, he worked for several years as a research fellow for the Energy Economic Institute of Cologne University (EWI) and the Chair of Energy Economics in Essen. As early as 30 years ago, he was involved in research related to climate policy, e.g. as co-author of the Energy Planning Report for the 1st Enquete Commission on "Precautions for protecting the earth's atmosphere" of the German Parliament and participant of the respective coordinator groups for the final report. Since then, liberalization of European energy markets and the international gas trade have been central to his work in the energy industry. He worked in the initial team of the gas company which introduced gas-to-gas competition in continental Europe, well before the single market Directive for gas took effect. He was also responsible for the leading German utility`s competitive approach to end-users in response to the single market Directive for electricity.

In the context of both executive and non-executive roles, he was responsible for international trading of natural gas and LNG, as well as other elements of the value chain, including storage. Claus Bergschneider currently works as Managing Director of a consultancy company focused on energy market issues. Recently, he accompanied the amendments of continental gas pricing rules from oil indexation to hub pricing by revision or arbitration — a development the LNG trade is expected to experience in a similar way. He has contributed numerous publications and lectures about energy issues, including the first German book on risk management in energy trading. He is a personal member of German Wind Energy Association.