"The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows"

Aristotle Onassis

Philosophy in Practice (from the archive)

Marat Terterov

"The secret of success is to know something nobody knows"

 Aristotle Onassis






Ladies and Gentlemen;

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the newly established Brussels Energy Club.


In today"s fast moving world, while flows of information are becoming ever more abundant, the risks and challenges associated with the energy sector only seem to be expanding. International energy companies (IECs) tend to perform an array of due diligence which underwrites decisions on multibillion dollar investments. While energy companies usually have at their disposal a wealth of corporate information about the markets in which they seek to make investments, a degree of uncertainty is never far away, while vital questions are often left only partially answered. Investment related risks and challenges are often considerable, to say the least. Much is at stake.


BREC does not pretend to have all the answers for the risks and challenges associated with the industry. The Club does offer IEC professionals, however, one of the most vital ingredients required for the realisation of successful investment decisions — access to reliably sourced, first hand market information.  


In this context, BREC hosts dedicated round table discussions followed by speaker dinner/reception gatherings featuring prominent personalities from the energy producing and transiting countries.  The atmosphere during such events, whilst including the company of high level energy professionals from the aforementioned countries, is candid and informal.


Guest speaker presentations are short and far from overwhelming, while the ensuing group discussion is frank and open ended. London Chatham House rules apply during BREC speaker events. Information exchanged at the event remains the property of the BREC and its membership. 


Events organised by BREC are devoid of large crowds or wide ranging attention. The Club is exclusive and for members and their guests only. It provides a novel manner in which to ask questions and exchange energy industry information pertinent to investment related decision making.


It is a unique way to source privileged information and build durable relationships with the type of persons likely to make or break successful business decisions in global energy.


summer 2012 Dr Marat Terterov
Initiator and Founder
Brussels Energy Club