"The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows"

Aristotle Onassis

About us

The Brussels Energy Club (BREC) was registered as a not-for-profit (ASBL) Association in Belgium in early 2012 by a number of likeminded energy practitioners committed to developing the following principles and objectives:

  • Promote better understanding of international energy matters and expand professional networks in the energy producing and transiting countries of Eurasia, North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Bring together those with rich energy sector experience from the energy consuming, producing and transiting regions for in-depth discussions about energy and environmental issues, with the purpose of exploring new ideas, measures and models to tackle challenges.
  • Seek to build a cross-border platform to exchange information about the latest global energy developments, to discuss future trends and to deepen understanding of energy markets.
  • Provide a unique platform to assist the development of the energy economies of these regions in a reliable and environmentally-sensitive manner by sharing global experiences and capabilities.
  • Host regular, frank and intelligent roundtable discussions followed by dinner gatherings specifically geared towards high level energy professionals seeking to exchange pertinent information and build durable cross border energy links.
  • Achieve all of the above by inviting international energy companies and other interested stakeholders to become members of the Association in order to develop its aims and objectives in the most honourable and unbiased manner possible
  • Develop positive contact with the institutions of the European Union engaged in the regulation of energy markets in Europe, in order for members of the Association to enhance communication and contact with such institutions during BREC events

The words of Aristotle Onassis as cited on our home page are BREC"s motto. They reflect our desire of advancing our members" personal knowledge on energy matters in order to attain further advantage in the business sphere through multi dimensional communication and networking as provided by the Brussels Energy Club.

Brussels Energy Club is registered in the EU Transparency Register under the number  415510134292-31 and we are committed to its Code of Conduct.