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Meeting: June 27, 2016: Latest trends in the European energy markets

This interactive discussion of the Brussels Energy Club addressed the topic of:


"Latest trends in the European energy markets"


And took place on Monday 27 June 2016, 3pm — 5 pm @ TUSIAD Avenue des Gaulois, 13, Brussels 1040


With guest "out of town" discussion opener:


Alexander Antonyuk


Dr Alexander Antonyuk, Senior Economist, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg



Gas supply to Europe:

  • Will the new sources and routes significantly change the European gas market?
  • Can the old suppliers rebound quickly from recent slumps in exports?
  • How much US LNG will we see in Europe?
  • Can the planned pipelines change the composition of imports?

European gas demand:

  • Can electricity or heat sectors drive up gas demand?
  • Is there room for growth in the residential sector?
  • What can we conclude from investment patterns about the current gas demand dynamics? 


Program June 27, 2016: 15.00 — 17.00:

  • Arrival of members and guests leading into welcome refreshments   
  • Welcoming remarks by Dr Bahadir Kaleagasi, Chairman, Brussels Energy Club,
  • Setting out the debate by Dr Marat Terterov, Executive Director, Brussels Energy Club,
  • Opening remarks setting out the topic by Dr Alexander Antonyuk
  • Moderated discussion with the guest speaker, led by Dr Marat Terterov
  • Roundtable discussion with members and guests of the Brussels Energy Club (NB: the Chatham House Rule will apply).
  • Light refreshments will be served

NB. Please note that the discussion opener spoke in the personal expert capacity, his remarks not necessarily representing the official positions of the European Investment Bank.


Speaker information

Dr Alexander Antonyuk is a senior economist at the European Investment Bank ("The EU Bank"), where he manages a portfolio of investments in gas and electricity infrastructure across Europe and outside. Alexander also works closely with European Institutions on aligning EIB investments with the EU energy policy. Dr Antonyuk worked previously at the International Energy Agency in the team of the newly appointed chief economist, Laszlo Varro, where he developed energy policy for non-IEA member states and managed analytical publications on gas and electricity markets. Alexander holds a PhD from Oxford University and Bsc from Kiev University.


Further information

Participation in the interactive discussion at TUSIAD venue will be free of charge for members and guests of the Brussels Energy Club. For more information please contact Martin Minarik on industry@brusselsenergyclub.org and/or Ben McPherson on research@brusselsenergyclub.org, or visit the contacts section of our website.

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