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Meeting: July 12, 2018: A golden age for gas — something still valid for the EU?

This interactive discussion of the Brussels Energy Club addressed the topic of:


A golden age for gas — something still valid for the EU?


And took place on Thursday July 12 2018, 1-5.30pm @ TUSIAD Avenue des Gaulois, 13, Brussels 1040


With special guest discussion opener:

Dr Andrey Glagolev

Dr Andrei Glagolev

Visiting Lecturer in Energy Economics and Business Analytics

International School of Business at Gubkin Russian State Oil & Gas University, Moscow

Former Adviser to General Director of Gazprom Promgaz



The state of play in the gas industry and future outlook for gas is a topic very dear to many of us energy security buffs in Brussels. Some ten years ago — when this particular eagle landed in Brussels — gas seemed to be entering a "Golden Age". In fact many of you will recall the IEA report bearing the same title, at a time when we were together extolling a bright future for gas in Europe and well beyond. Now, some ten years on, gas remains a core part of the energy security discussion in Brussels, although the industry, and some of the key suppliers, often find themselves under pressure than they might like. Renewable energy and energy efficiency have in many ways super-ceded gas as the darlings of European policy makers, while everyone is talking about sustainability, climate and the energy transition. Disputes and drawn out legal affairs between Gazprom and Naftogaz Ukraine continue to echo almost as loudly as critics denouncing Nord Steam II. None of this is too great for the image of gas. That said, Europe remains heavily dependent on conventional deliveries of blue fuel, although it seems that no-body wants to admit it.

So where does this place gas in the EU context and what are some realistic, sober scenarios for gas into the medium term? What are the prospects for Europe"s relations with some of its key gas suppliers, including the love-hate relationship with "Big-Brother" east of Brest-Litovsk? How will suppliers likely shape up to EU forecasts for gas demand, taking into account fluctuations in the oil price, competition between new and old suppliers, as well as the growing LNG market? Where will this place the big infrastructure projects, including the likes of the Nord Stream expansion, Turkish Stream and others?

Thank you for joining us for this BREC session on July 12 when we evaluated these "meaty questions" with our special guest from Moscow, Dr Andrey Glagolev, whose biography is presented below. This session also came amidst the backdrop of the Club's Sixth Anniversary, as well as the 50th Birthday Jubilee of its "Founding Father", Dr Marat Terterov.  

Program July 12, 2018: 13.00 — 17.30:

  • Doors open to a special networking luncheon in association with the 50th birthday of the Founding Father of the Brussels Energy Club, Dr Marat Terterov
  • Setting out the debate by Dr Marat Terterov
  • Presentation by Dr Andrei Glagolev from Moscow starting at 14.30
  • Roundtable discussion with meeting participants (NB: the Chatham House Rule will apply).
  • Cocktail reception


Speaker information

Dr Andrey Glagolev (PhD) has more than 25 years of professional experience in the Russian and international energy sector, with a special focus on economic modelling, forecasting and analysis of the oil and gas markets. He has worked for more than ten years with the Gazprom group, where he served as the adviser to the General Director and created databases for unconventional oil and gas supplies in energy producing regions of the world. Serving as a leading analyst within the Gazprom Group, he oversaw significant strands of Gazprom research and analysis whilst producing numerous monographs at the same time. Dr Glagolev also worked for four years with YUKOS Oil Company in the capacity of Head of the Division Business Development and Marketing, where he oversaw many aspects of the company"s downstream business for oil products. He also worked for several years in the Russian State Duma (Parliament), mainly in the sphere of economic policy.

Dr Glagolev obtained his PhD in international economics from Moscow State University in 1978 and is currently a visiting Professor at the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in Moscow. He is also a lecturer at the Gazprom Corporate Institute as well as several other universities and business schools across the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Kazakhstan. His full CV is available here.


Further information

Participation in the interactive discussion at TUSIAD venue will be free of charge for members and guests of the Brussels Energy Club. For more information please contact Ben McPherson on research@brusselsenergyclub.org.

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