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Meeting: January 25, 2017: "The 2nd yearly presentation of the EGF Gazprom Monitor Annual Review: Reflections 2016" (in light of the prevailing European energy security challenges)

This interactive discussion of the Brussels Energy Club featured:

"The 2nd yearly presentation of the EGF Gazprom Monitor Annual Review: Reflections 2016" (in light of the prevailing European energy security challenges)


And took place on Wednesday 25 January 2017, 1-5 pm @ TUSIAD Avenue des Gaulois, 13, Brussels 1040


With special guest speaker:

Jack Sharples

Dr Jack Sharples 

Specialised Lecturer in Energy Politics and Energy Law at the European University of St Petersburg, Russia, and Author of the EGF Gazprom Monitor Monthly Reports  





And Special Guest Discussant:

Victor Grigorescu

Victor Grigorescu 

Former-Minister of Energy of Romania  






Background: An exert from December 2015 

In the present day and age, when we think European energy security, we think Gazprom. Love it or hate, the Russian gas giant is, for many of us, both scourge and partner of the Europeans at the same time. Many of us European "energy security buffs" monitor Gazprom's external activities with bated breath. None more so than St. Petersburg-based Dr Jack Sharples: who has emerged as one of Europe's top "Gazprom watchers". Dr Sharples has now authored more than 50 Gazprom Monitor monthly reports and annual reviews going back to 2010, which are published by the Brussels-based website, European Geopolitical Forum (EGF)


The Third Edition of the Gazprom Monitor Annual Review 2016

The Third Edition of the Gazprom Monitor Annual Review is due to be released to energy security conscious Europeans this winter. We had the pleasure of Dr Sharples making a return visit to Brussels in order to present the core findings of the 2016 Annual Review in the BREC format. 

Dr Sharples' presentation of the 2016 Review, a study which closely follows Gazprom's external activities for the past 12 months, was based on the structure of the Review itself. It covered the following topics:

  • Gazprom and the EU gas market
  • The EU antitrust investigation into Gazprom
  • Major infrastructure projects: Nord Stream and Turkish Stream
  • Gazprom and Ukraine

During his presentation at the Brussels Energy Club on January 25, Dr Sharples offered his assessment with respect to each of these topics as based on the Gazprom Monitor Annual Review for the past year. He then delivered his prognosis on what European energy security watchers can likely expect as we look forward towards the ensuing 12 months.

Extracts of the Gazprom Monitor Annual Review for 2015 can be found here. Full copies of the Review will be available for purchase at the meeting. 


Program January 25, 2017: 13.00 — 17.00:

  • Buffet luncheon hosted by the Brussels Energy Club from 13.00-13.45 hours,   
  • An introduction of the EGF Gazprom Monitor Annual Review for 2015 by Dr Marat Terterov, Executive Director, Brussels Energy Club,
  • Presentation of the Annual Review for 2016 by Dr Jack Sharples
  • Special comments by Victor Grigorescu, former-Minister of Energy of Romania 
  • Roundtable discussion with meeting participants (NB: the Chatham House Rule will apply).
  • Networking reception will follow the main discussions


Speaker information

Dr Jack Sharples is a Specialised Lecturer in Energy Politics and Energy Law at the European University at St Petersburg, where he also teaches EU Politics in the Department of Political Science and Sociology. He has been the author of the EGF monthly Gazprom Monitor reports since May 2012. Dr Sharples received his PhD from the University of Glasgow, UK, having written his thesis on the political economy of state-business relations in the Russian gas sector. His doctoral thesis analysed the relationship between Gazprom and the Russian state on the domestic Russian gas market, in transit/supply relations with Ukraine and Belarus, and in the sphere of Russian gas exports to the EU market. He also holds the qualifications of MSc (2007) and MRes (2008) in Russian and East European Studies from the University of Glasgow, and BA in Politics from the University of York, UK (2005).

Dr Sharples has published articles and book chapters on Energy transitions in carbon-producing countries: Russia (2016), The problem of cross-border gas pipeline interconnections in Baltic, Central, and South-Eastern Europe (2016), The importance of gas storage facilities in the European gas and power markets (2016), The shifting geopolitics of Russia"s gas exports and the impact on EU Russia gas relations (2016), Russian gas supplies to Europe: the likelihood, and potential impact, of an interruption in gas transit via Ukraine (2016), Russian approaches to energy security and climate change (2013), and The role of Russia in European energy security (2012). His two book chapters, Europe"s largest natural gas producer in an era of climate change: Gazprom and Political economy of energy security in Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, and the EU are due for publication in 2017.

Before joining the European University at St Petersburg, Dr Sharples was previously a Visiting Researcher at the European University of St Petersburg (2009-10), the Brussels School of International Studies (2010), and the Institute of Europe (Russian Academy of Sciences), Moscow (2011). His current research interests include: EU-Russia energy relations; Russian foreign and domestic energy policy; energy security; the relationship between energy security and climate change; and EU politics.

An expert on energy policy and European economic policy, Victor Grigorescu was Romania's Minister of Energy from November 2015 to January 2017. A former member of the board of Electrica, one of Romania's largest electricity distribution companies, he also has a background in diplomacy and international relations, having served at the Permanent Representation of Romania at the EU (2007-2011) as an expert for the EU's common commercial policy. He actively took part in Romania's accession negotiations to the EU during his time at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (2004-2007), focusing his work on international relations and the EU"s common commercial policy. Before being appointed minister of energy, he has published various articles on public policy and international relations in Romanian and has co-authored several works on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. He is a graduate of Bucharest University's Law School.


Further information

Participation in the interactive discussion at TUSIAD venue will be free of charge for members and guests of the Brussels Energy Club. For more information please contact Ben McPherson on research@brusselsenergyclub.org.

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