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Meeting: 7 April 2022, European gas supply in roubles and the future of the EU-Russia gas relationship

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The next interactive discussion of the Brussels Energy Club will address the following topic:


"European gas supply in roubles
and the future of the EU-Russia gas relationship


7 April 2022, Thursday, 12-2 pm CET
Online video conference format


  • Meeting format: moderated open discussion featuring multiple interventions from BREC Advisory Board Members and BREC Alumni
  • All participants will be encouraged to engage in the discussion
  • It is intended that the meeting will feature interventions from a wide range of international experts
  • Chatham House Rule format and off the record


The meeting will address the following central questions:

  • Is the war in Ukraine a game-changer for Gazprom and its European customers?
  • Why did Russia decide to adopt the new measure — payment for gas in roubles?
  • What impact will this likely have on Gazprom and the European market?
  • What scenario can we expect to unfold during April-May?
  • Will payment for Russian gas in roubles equate to circumvention of sanctions?
  • Are we heading towards a gas supply crisis of one form or another?
  • What shape will the gas trade between Gazprom and its European customers take by the end of the year?


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